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Student Council

Student Council Constitution



·       To actively involve students in the life of the school.

·       To support the school ethos.

·       To promote good relationships between Students and Staff, Board of Management and Parents’ Council.

·       To represent the views of students.

·       To foster social awareness activities and learning activities.


Council Membership:

·       The Student Council will include a Representative from each class who will be democratically elected by the class in the presence of the class teacher.

·       A Vice class Representative will also be elected. They may participate in the Council in the event of the class Representative being unavailable.

·       In order to promote gender balance, the class Representative and Vice class Representative should be male and female (or vice versa) where possible.



·       The Student Council will meet at least once a month. All meetings will be directed by the Chairperson in consultation with the Liaison Teacher.

·       A report will be written by the Secretary, who will give a copy to the Liaison Teacher. A response will be awaited before a decision is implemented or acted upon.

·       The quorum will be 50% of the Student Council.

·       The responses to Matters and Questions Arising will be decided upon by simple majority when the quorum has been reached.


Course of Meetings

·       The Chairperson will declare the meeting open and ask the Secretary to read the minutes.

·       The Student Council will discuss any matters arising and correspondence will be dealt with.

·       The Secretary reads any letter or any other important information received since the last meeting. 

·       The Chairperson and the Secretary will have an Agenda prepared to be discussed. Time to discuss matters not on the agenda will go under the heading “Any Other Business”.



Executive Officers:

·       The Student Council reserves the right to elect the Chairperson by simple majority.

·       The Secretary, P.R.O. and Treasurer will be elected by simple majority.

·       The Chairperson will conduct the meetings in accordance with proper procedure and speak on behalf of and represent the Student Council where and when required.

·       The Chairperson should ensure that all comments are made “through the chair”, i.e. that members should talk to the entire group, not to a person or group who might be sitting beside them, with the permission of the Chairperson. The Chairperson should be careful to ensure that all members are allowed to express their views as fully as possible. Members shall abide by the decision of the Chairperson at all times.

·       The Secretary will write up the minutes of each meeting and provide a copy to the Liaison Teacher.

·       The P.R.O. will publicise meetings and liaise with the media.

·       There will be two Vice Chairpersons. One will be a junior student, and the other will be will either a junior or senior student.

·       The Chairperson and Vice Chairperson shall be male and female (or vice versa) where possible.


Liaison with Staff:

·       A Student Council Liaison Teacher will assist in the establishment and proper functioning of the Student Council.

·       They will endeavour to ensure a clear line of communication between the Student Council and Staff, to advise the Student Council in a resourceful manner, to organise training programmes and to ensure that proper procedures are adhered to.

·       The Principal, in consultation with the relevant Year Head Dean of Discipline and Liaison Teacher, reserves the right to remove any member of the Student Council during the school year if the member’s lack of good discipline should warrant it. Student Representatives are also allowed to request the removal of such a student through anonymous tip upon receipt of relevant information, and their request will be taken into consideration by the Principal, relevant Year Head Dean of Discipline and Liaison Teacher.

·       The Principal and Board of Management reserve the right to suspend the Student Council in the event of the Council pursuing a course of action deemed detrimental to Presentation College, Carlow.


Induction and Training:

·       The Liaison Teacher will address the newly elected Student Council and outline the role and responsibilities of the Student Council and reserve the right to sit in on Student Council meetings.

·       The Liaison Teacher will explain the role of the student Representative. 

Click below to download the Student Council Constitution and the Student Council Member's Contract.
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