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Blood Brothers

This year’s school show “Blood Brothers” was a veritable tour de force. The entire production was so polished and professional that the “line” between cast and audience was completely erased and everyone in the auditorium became a participant in this powerful and poignant story.

“Blood Brothers” is the story of twins Mickey and Edward Johnston whose birth mother was forced to make a life-changing decision. This resulted in one of the boys being raised by the childless, but wealthy, Mrs. Lyons while the other remained with his birth mother. However, both women’s lives are overshadowed by the legend that warns of the fatality that would result in the boy’s discovery of the reality of their birth - immediate death! The boys, inevitably, meet during their boyhood years and are magnetically drawn to each other. They decide to cement their friendship by becoming “blood brothers”! And thus, their story unfolded.....

Oisín Mc Hugh (Transition Year) and Eoin Farrell (Fifth Year) portrayed the brothers in an utterly convincing fashion and the audience was held spellbound by the sequence of events that saw them change from childhood friends to bitter enemies. Grace Byrne’s portrayal of the bereft mother was heartbreakingly-authentic while Shannon Doogue’s portrayal of the ruthless Mrs. Lyons was quite chilling. These fine actors and singers were superbly supported by an outstanding cast. The narrator’s black clothing and sombre tones were beautifully complimented by the childish antics of Sammy and Linda, the sheer snobbery of the suit-clad Mr. Lyons, and the perfectly-timed interaction of the neighbours, policemen and school children. Therefore, the sense of imminent tragedy, even in the midst of myriad moments of hilarity, was always palpable.

This production which filled the school hall to capacity on three consecutive nights (plus three matinee performances for primary school students) would not have been possible without the absolute conviction and commitment of two past pupils - David Doyle (Director) and Maeve Lyons (Musical Director). This was David’s directorial debut and his talent, evident in every aspect of the show, is immeasurable. And, even before the curtain ascended, the road for this moving tale was created by the haunting instrumental music performed by the orchestra. We salute you both.
The indefatigable production team of Ann Delahunty, Orla O’Driscoll, Claire Mc Hugh, Declan O’Connor and Gillian Ward facilitated after school and weekend rehearsals, sourced costumes and props, nourished and nurtured their young charges to ensure that the show reached the standard that Presentation College has become renowned for. It must also be acknowledged that this production would not have come to fruition without the initiative, enthusiasm and commitment of the principal, the teachers, the whole school community and the support of the parents. For anyone who helped in any way, we extend our gratitude.

The school show provides an opportunity for all Second, Fourth and Fifth Year students to experience a very different facet of school life. All have a contribution to make. It may be small, but it may also be vital. Students are thus encouraged to participate in some aspect of the production - acting, singing, stage painting, props, costumes, make-up, lighting etc. There is literally a role for everyone. It is an unmissable, unforgettable experience. This fact is endorsed, year after year, by the number of past pupils in the audience. Until next year.....!