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Recent Activities Undertaken by Presentation College Young SVP Group - The Aloysius Foundation

Mar 14 2020

Spreading Best Wishes To Our Exam Years: By: Caithlin O’Carroll

Best wishes were sent to our Third and Sixth Year students in a creative, positive way on behalf of our Young SVP group – the Aloysius Foundation, as the students made their way into their exam centre to be seated for their exams to commence. We the students of the SVP committee in our school, put together a motivational and positivity board to spread our message of ‘Best Wishes’ to the exam students. We filled the board with positive sayings, some ‘Did you knows?’ about studying and exams, the perfect guide to successfully completing their exams and also positive pictures and emogis spread all across the board to spread positivity and good luck wishes to the students though this stressful period in the student’s lives. And again, we wish the students the best of luck with both their mock results and again in June when the students sit their Junior Cycle and their Leaving Certificate exams. 

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