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School Facilities

Information Technology

Presentation College is fully equipped with 120 computers. All classrooms are networked both wired and wireless, forty data projectors are installed and each member of staff has received up to date training in Virtual Cloud Technology, allowing students to access their work online. Presentation College actively encourages the use of Digital Tools for Learning. We are now in the sixth year of using e-books on iPads and our school is at an exciting stage in relation to users of Wi-Fi. We have expanded and improved the wireless network with Meru System installed in 2017. Our staff are using technology in their classrooms and have been provided with Microsoft Surface Devices and training to allow creative development of resources and teaching tools.


This year sees the seventh year of our “Microsoft Academy” – We have over 200 students enrolled in Microsoft Office Specialist exams - and numerous students from First Year to Sixth Year are preparing for their respective exams. This is a unique opportunity for students to gain an ICT qualification directly from Microsoft. Microsoft representatives have presented these certificates on School Awards Day annually. All students now have individual school emails and access to full Microsoft Office suite. Our school was awarded the Microsoft Centre of Excellence in 2015, and the Prodigy Award in recognition of achievement in exams over the last seven years. We also have a full Microsoft 365 licence for our school, which gives both staff and students their own 365 accounts, allowing safe communication between staff and students.
Our Computer Club allows students to access computers for games, e-mail, projects and web design daily at lunchtime. With over fifty student members, the club continues to grow and encourages students to develop their ICT skills. Our highly successful Formula One in Schools teams meet here regularly to prepare their projects over the course of the competition. Lots of extracurricular ICT work is completed in the club after school.
ICT skills are essential for students in all areas of education. Proper use of computers encourages a skilled, knowledge-based society. ICT enhances all teaching in a positive way in Presentation College. Digital Literacy is an important part of our ethos.
This is our sixth year using e-books in Presentation College. This year, over 100 First Year students have replaced their heavy books with lighter, easy-to-use iPads and e-books and over 400 iPads are in use in the school. Not only has this change lightened the heavy loads of schoolbags of the past, but now students can access all school online facilities with ease. With the school having set up facilities such as “SchoolWise”, which allows students to retrieve missed work, or present finished work, the use of iPads means that this facility is not only something in the background, but it is used every day. Staff members also use iPads and continued training is provided to both staff and students.
Students engage in many ICT related competitions also and we have won many awards in the Eircom Junior Spiders web design competition over the last six years. In 2015 and 2016 our school was awarded Digital School of the Year at the Accenture Digital Media Awards in Dublin. This prestigious award is awarded to the school who engages most in effective use of ICT in all areas of school life. Presentation College continues to strive to create digital citizens capable of integrating technology into their education.
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Sporting Facilities

The school has the benefit of very modern indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Students have access to a full-size Sports Hall for all of their P.E. classes and also to the aerobic machines and fitness console in the Fitness Suite. Outdoor facilities comprise five basketball courts, five tennis courts and three pitches. Such are the sports facilities available to our students that several outside bodies currently hire them.


Presentation College received the Active School Flag in January 2012, which was reviewed and updated in September 2016, from the Department of Education and Skills in recognition of our school’s endeavours to achieve a physically active and physically educated school community.

An Active School like Presentation College:

-Provides all pupils with a double-period class for P.E.

-Makes a range of extracurricular activities available on both an individual and team basis.

-Promotes physical activity during lunchtimes.

-Works with external agencies such as National Governing Bodies and Local Sports Partnerships to promote physical activity.

-Organises an “Active School Week” which includes a Sports Day for all students every year.

-Includes students in the decision-making process in terms of provision and promotion of physical activity.

-Has adequate resources and facilities to provide students with comprehensive P.E., physical activity and sports programmes.


Competitive Sports


Students have also been very successful on the sporting front.  A broad range of competitive sports are offered to students, boys and girls, including Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Camogie, Equestrian, Gaelic Football, Handball, Hurling, Rugby, Soccer and Table Tennis.       


Specialist Rooms

Presentation College has a number of Specialist Rooms to facilitate teaching and learning in the twenty-first century. Students have access to two Art Rooms, one Canteen, one Computer Room, one Concert Hall, one Construction Studies Room, one Design and Communication Graphics Room, two Home Economics Rooms, one Library, one Music Room, one Oratory, three Science Laboratories, one Sports Hall (and Fitness Suite) and one Technology Room.